Your customer service staff have to be the best I have ever dealt with. Prompt, courteous and extremely customer service orientated. After recent surgery my husband was having problems with his socks, until I found these, they’re brilliant and now will be the only type we buy. Thank you, we’re converted.

— Linda – Melbourne, Australia

I purchased the All Day Socks for my mother in law who is one the most fussiest people I have ever come across, so trust me if your socks get the thumbs up from her they must be good.

— Ron – Hailsham, UK

I have just finished walking the Kokoda Trek and wanted to let you know how good your all day socks are. We walked 96 kilometres up and down hills including crossing many creeks in 7 days, the socks were very comfortable even at the end of a long day.

— Kim – Surrey Hills, Australia

I have purchased All Day Socks for years from our local Kmart and I was devastated when they no longer stocked them. Fortunately I was able to track them down online and my friends thought I was crazy when I imported socks from Australia! Your socks are the only ones that don’t leave a pressure point anywhere on my legs or feet. They don’t slip down when I am wearing boots and they don’t cut into my calf muscles. When I get home from work I can just whip off my shoes or boots and not have that tell-tale ring of sock mark, very handy when I need to put on a pair of heels and go out! I’ve tried loads of other brands and your socks are the only ones I wear.

— Viv – Shiel Hil, New Zealand

Your All Day Socks are the only brand of socks I will wear. I was introduced to them 3 years ago and after wearing so many socks that cut off circulation, left marks, itching and general discomfort your socks did not cause any of these effects. I have told anyone who will listen what wonderful socks your company produces. Your socks are very durable and I am actually wearing some right now from the purchase 3 years ago and they are like new still. Your fashionable socks complement my day to day casual wear as well as my business attire. I really wear no other socks other than your brand. I highly recommend your socks to anyone who wants to be comfortable!

— Michael – Belleville, Canada

I was so overjoyed to see the quality and feel how comfortable the All Day Socks were. Being a Diabetic, I needed to find socks that were comfortable, non-binding (no ring around the leg), no seams to aggravate your foot by pinching or compressing the toes and until I found All Day Socks, I was miserable. All I can say is All Day Socks was what I was looking for and didn’t know it. I will be re-ordering more in several styles in the future.

— John – Saint Paul, USA

I work in retail and on my feet for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. In my early 60’s and am a Diabetic. Usually the first thing that I want to do when I get home from work is take off my shoes and socks. I saw your ad in a magazine and thought that I would give your socks a try seeing nothing else seemed to help my tired feet and legs. I was so impressed the first day that I wore the All Day Socks. Came home from work, took my shoes off but the socks stayed on for the rest of the night. No sweating on the feet or tired legs. I only bought 2 pairs but I will be ordering more. Oh and I love the bright colours……. Thank you for such a good product

— Nancy – Hamlin, USA

Your “All Day” Socks are exactly as advertised. They don’t cut off the circulation in my legs. Thanks you!

— Max – Little Rock, USA

They are comfortable and offer just enough padding on the bottom without being bulky. This is a great feature for a Diabetic. And they don’t have elastic tops, yet stay up comfortably. So far I love them. Wear them for my gym workouts

— Sharon – Ocala, USA

They are bloody marvellous. I’m going to take a pair with me to my Diabetic support meeting this week. I bought 1 pair from Big W and when they didn’t seem to be getting any more in, I decided to go on line to purchase more.

— K – New South Wales, Australia

All Day Socks are great!! Not just because I am Diabetic, they are wonderful socks for anyone. I love the walking socks. I walk every day. I won’t be wearing any other socks. I have bought other socks for Diabetics these are by far the best. They cost a little more than the other socks I purchased but are worth every penny. In fact, I am going to purchase some walking socks for my husband who is not Diabetic and walks every day too.

— Linda – Storm Lake, USA

My feet hurt all the time. I am on them 6-7 hours at work. I have tried expensive inserts, various shoes etc. I had worn holes in the toes of other socks that I had only worn 4 times. I wear these “All Day Socks” every week and they do not make my toes sore. Also, they have stayed soft after several washes. I just wish they came in more colours – tan, navy blue and brown would go with my slacks. I have two pair of black and plan to wear them on days I will be standing the most

— Sharon – Texas, USA

Just wanted to take a few moments to congratulate you on making such wonderful socks. I have problems with my feet and legs so the cushion souls make them so confortable to walk on and feel so good on my feet. They also fit so well, no lumps and bumps on toe corners and the wonder soft top on my legs is great as I have fluid problems and it has been very hard to find socks that aren’t tight at the top which cause my legs to swell. I have also bought a pair each for my two daughters and they also think they are great socks. Thanking you again

— Pam – Cranebrook, Australia

I write to congratulate you on an excellent product – the socks are indeed comfortable to wear “all day” and do not leave marks around one’s ankles. They are excellent for diabetics but also anyone else who wears socks all day. I look forward to buying more ‘All Day Socks’ soon!

— Elizabeth – Armidale, Australia

I have now worn them for the past 2 weeks and do like them a lot. They stay up all the time and do not cause any circulation issues (no marks on my legs).

— Chuck – New York, USA

I have recently bought myself a pair of your ‘All Day Socks’ was so delighted with them that I had to write and tell you. I have had no itching or lines around my legs as with all other socks I have bought, and the crowning glory is I have been recently diagnosed with Diabetes Type II and I note that you support this! Thank you once again

— Joan – Manly, Australia

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