At Underworks we believe that everyone has the right to wear a perfectly fitted sock that is durable, fashionable and extremely comfortable all day, everyday.

Over 20 years ago, we were on the hunt for the most comfortable sock in the world, one that does not irritate or mark no matter how long you wear them for. When we couldn't find one, we made it ourselves and have been supplying our famous All Day Socks to the world ever since.

We’ve remained a family-owned business since our inception in 1999 and have been designing, developing and innovating in the sock space since day one. We’re not just good at socks, each and every one of us is absolutely OBSESSED with socks. With tens of millions of pairs of All Day socks sold around the world, we’re determined to continue making the socks we think are the comfiest and best value socks on the planet.

If you haven’t already, we challenge you to pick up a pair of All Day Socks by Underworks, they’re so comfy.. You’ll throw all your other socks out!

Our Commitment to you

Everyday Value Price

Great value products every day of the year so you don’t need to wait for a sale, just pick them up when you need them.

Innovative design

Our products are designed to solve everyday problems. We constantly innovate with the changing needs of our customers.

Perfect Fit

Every sock on the shelf is designed to fit perfectly and stay comfortably in place all day long.